TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-- Just when a lot of Floridians thought it was OK to crank up the volume in their cars, there's a new effort in the state Legislature to ban loud car stereos.

A proposed bill would ban car music that can be heard from 25 feet or more.

The Florida Supreme Court struck down a similar law last year. Justices ruled the law was unconstitutional because it made exceptions for blasting business or political content.

So the proposed bill eliminates those exceptions and just bans all sound that can be heard 25 feet or more from a vehicle.

Under the bill, an officer has discretion to pull over a vehicle blasting the stereo and can issue tickets to the driver and all passengers as well.

Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, opposes the measure.

"I like my music loud and I don't think I should have a ticket if my windows are up and I'm bobbin' like I usually do down the Interstate, that's my enjoyment and it's not offensive to anyone that I know of."

Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, said the bill just changes the part of the old law ruled unconstitutional.

"All this does is clean up those portions of an existing law that have been deemed unconstitutional. So this is a clean-up measure."

Car stereo shops are lining up against the legislation.

Jason Brown of Audio Addictions in Tallahassee said the business got a boost when the Florida Supreme Court struck down the ban on loud stereos.

"When the law was repealed, we definitely saw a very positive gain from it. There were definitely customers that came in just for that reason. They felt a lot more comfortable having a loud system. So in that way, it's going to negatively impact us."

A Senate committee passed the bill on Monday. It still faces another committee vote before it can head to the Senate floor.