JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On Monday if you wanted to find the seniors who use the Moncrief Senior Center, you would have went to the Clanzel Brown Community Center to find them.

"We like our visit but we don't want to stay," said Mary Dornes.

Their center was closed all day because of a foul odor.

Ola Foster said she has complained repeatedly about the stench. She said it smells like a cesspool.

"It died down one time but I don't know what's wrong with it," said Foster, "something needs to be done."

Mary Morris, who is visually impaired, said some days the odor is unbearable.

"It's bad," said Morris, "when the air is on (in the center) you don't smell it but then it is cold in there."

So Foster, Morris and 18 others were transported to Clanzel Brown Community Center for lunch and from there to their respective homes.

The Moncrief Senior Center which sits between Teeler and Castellano Avenues was closed tight. The operator was there but refused to answer any questions.

The center operates on a septic tank system and some say that could be the source of the problem. A few minutes walking around the building and you get a whiff of their concerns.

The seniors go to the center for fun, games and a hot meal, not for the smell. The seniors said if the odor is still there they don't want to be there; they would like the city to fix it.

"It is almost like you're smelling sulfur," said Morris.

Mary Holley, who is in charge of community and senior center services, said the Moncrief Senior Center closing is temporary.

Holley said the city will reopen the center on Tuesday. Holley visited the facility and said the odor has subsided and so far they have not been able to identify the source.

Holley said the city's environmental department will now conduct tests to determine if the smell is coming from the sewer lines.