JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville has 18 senior citizen centers, two are being renovated and one was temporarily closed due to an odor problem.

"I think it is the mindset of the taxpayers and the city that once you build them that's it," said Councilman Reginald Brown.

TheLincoln Villa Senior Center is in Brown's district it has been closed since December for renovations, Brown said theproject is behind schedule.

There's a dumpster on the property; it has been sitting unused for weeks.

Brown said his seniors who use the facility are being transported to the Legends on Soutel Drive or Clanzel Brown Community Center on Moncrief Road.

"Buildings are just like your home it requires upkeep,' said Brown,"once standards change you have to bring the buildings up to standards."

Brown wants the city to make the upkeep of these buildings a priority, if not make them available for sale to non-profit agencies.

Renovations to the Lincoln Villa center should be completed by the end of April or early Maybut Brown wonders if the city will make that deadline.

Another center that is closed for renovations is the J.S. Johnson center.

The Moncrief Senior Center was closed for a day because the seniors complained that there is a sewage odor in the building.

The city plans to test the sewer lines to see if there is a problem with sewer gases.