JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- How long does it take firefighters to get to your house in an emergency?

You might not know, but the company who provides your homeowners insurance certainly does.

In one area in the First Coast, the answer has not come soon enough.

"It is a terrible situation," said Councilman Matt Schellenberg.

He said he hears more about skyrocketing homeowners insurance in Bartram Park than almost any other issue in his district.

The area has developed rapidly over the past 10 years, but a fire station has not been built in the area to keep up.

"It's a straight shot from the avenues fire station, which is the only one, but if a train comes by, and they are stopped, they cannot get across," he said.

Because it takes a fire truck at least 7 minutes to get to any scene out there, insurance companies have raised their rates on homes, and won't even insure some renters because their liability is too high.

"The proximity of a fire station to your house directly impacts your homeowners insurance. And if you move to an area that does not have a fire station within 5 road miles, your insurance suffers," said Fire Chief Martin Senterfitt.

Senterfitt said that's why they pushed so hard to get money for a new station into last year's budget.

The council approved $3.5 million dollars to build a new station in the area, but rates won't go down until it's complete.

"Although there is an upfront cost when we build a fire station and staff a fire station, in the longrun, the community saves," he said.

The station is expected to be complete by December.