JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --After being selected by Michelle Obama AS THE WINNER OF the 2013 Official Easter Egg Roll poster contest, 8-year-old Kevin McAffee and his family joined the Obamas in Washington D.C. on Monday for the White House Easter EGG Roll. They got to meet the First Family in a room at the White House before the festivities.

Photo Gallery: Kevin McAffee's day at the White House

"The White House actually called him at school and explained he had won and that Mrs. Obama had picked his picture as their annual poster we are so thrilled," said Seana McAfee, Kevin's mother.

It took Kevin 3 hours to draw the poster with the theme, "Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You."

"I drew a bunch of people being active and I drew a lot of Easter eggs," said McAfee.

Delete sentence that was here Copies of Kevin's poster were given out as a prize to the children at the Easter Egg Roll