JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Jack Kearns says he wants a refund on windows he says weren't installed properly.

In 2010, he ordered about $18,000 in windows from Pella Window and Door. He says a contractor installed 14 windows in his house, but without insulation. Now he wants a refund.

Pella spokesperson, Kathy Krafka Harkema, tells First Coast News the company has worked with Kearns to try to resolve the issue to his liking.

In 2010 when Mr. Kearns' windows were replaced, the local Pella distributor worked with Mr. Kearns to address his concerns with the fit of screens of the windows and to add options to make the sashes easier for Mr. Kearns to open, at his request.

Ms. Krafka Harkema states that in February 2011, while residing his home, Mr. Kearns reported that he found one window with "no insulation" and seven with "some insulation", with eight window openings yet to be inspected. When Mr. Kearns reported his concerns to the local Pella distributor, the subcontractor who installed the windows, Stony Brook Remodeling, offered to provide him with a can of window and door spray foam insulation to go around window openings while the siding was removed and the openings were accessible. However, Mr. Kearns declined that offer. Krafka Harkema went on to say that Pella would reimburse Kearns $100 for the foam insulation he says he purchased.

The current local Pella distributorhas repeatedly gone out of their way to help Mr. Kearns.

"The current Pella distributor even offered Mr. Kearns a discount on Pella windows he indicated he wished to purchase for his Florida room addition. This was a goodwill gesture on their part. Mr. Kearns has subsequently informed the local Pella distributors that his plans and finances have changed, and he will not be proceeding with the addition to his home. Therefore, the local Pella distributor will not issue him cash in lieu of a discount on a new product purchase. As we stated above, the local Pella distributor is prepared to issue Mr. Kearns $100 to reimburse him for two cans of foam insulation and the less than an hour's time it would take to apply it."