JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Duval County's two foreclosure judges are picking up the pace this week to help unclog a backlog of home foreclosures, nearly4,000 filed before 2010.

Attorneys and some homeowners packedthe hallway outside the two conference rooms on the 7th floor of the Duval County Courthousewhere the judges scheduled hearings back to back.

"I am bringing these to a head, these cases we are doing are six and five years old, four years old," said retired Circuit Judge A.C. Soud whohas hundreds of cases on his calender for the next two weeks.

"The Florida Supreme Court says to begin moving them along," said Soud in court to attorneys who represented homeowners and lenders.

Alfred Hooker is fightingthe foreclosure of his East Arlington home that he purchased in 2006 just before housing bubble burst.

"This is the number one goal right now," said Booker when asked about wanting to stay in his home.

Booker's attorney argued that the Arlington homeowner was not properly notified thathe wasdelinquent making payments.

The judge in the hour long hearing heard both homeowner and lender arguments before deciding that Booker's home would be foreclosed on with an auction date set for early May.

Judge Soudexplained in court that foreclosure cases are piling upwith 20,000 foreclosure actions alonein Duval County.