Tallahassee, Florida- A state senator is on a mission to overturn a new law that opened the door for people to dye chicks, bunnies and other animals in Florida.

Last year state lawmakers passed a bill, and Gov Rick Scott signed it, that repealed a 45-year-old ban on dyeing animals.

The new law infuriated animal lovers. The Humane Society called the process of dyeing chicks and bunnies appalling because it was usually done in mass with the babies getting dipped into tanks soon after they hatched. Many were killed.

Sen. Maria Sachs is pushing legislation that would ban dyeing animals for commercial purposes. A Senate committee passed her bill on Monday.

Sachs says she has heard a loud clamor from opponents of the practice.

"We in the state of Florida are better than this. We don't need to treat animals in this way, this dangerous way, just to make a profit."

Sen. Sachs says the bill will include some exceptions, including the dyeing of poultry for agricultural research.

Plus, she says many dog groomers are able to perform the dyeing process without hurting the animal, so animal groomers will also get an exemption in the legislation.

"Many of the animal groomers have been able to perfect their dyeing of animal hair and fur without hurting the animal, much like a woman bleaches or dyes her hair. So we're going to make those exceptions as the bill progresses through the Legislature."