TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- In Tallahassee, the House committee is moving swiftly to pass legislation banning internet cafes in Florida.

The bill was just posted publicly Thursday Night.

Members voted 15 to 1 to ban the online slot machines used in Internet cafes and adult arcades.

The vote came days after federal and state authorities arrested nearly 60 people and shut down about 50 Internet cafes associated with the nonprofit Allied Veterans of the World based in the Jacksonville area.

"Many of those in Jacksonville opened their hearts to Internet cafes because they believed that the money spent in them was going to a great cause: betterment of the lives of the many veterans who live in Jacksonville. But if the allegations that have been raised in the last few days are true, and we must allow our system of justice to determine the veracity of those allegations, then many citizens of Jacksonville were deceived."

The Florida House passed a similar bill last year but it didn't get through the Senate.

Allied Veterans of the World allegedly collected nearly 300 million dollars from illegal gambling operations, but returned just a small fraction of that cash to help veterans.