JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --Three days after being arrested on RICO charges, and called the "mastermind" of Operation Reveal the Deal, Jacksonville Attorney Kelly Mathis was released from jail.

"These are false charges. I am completely innocent of any crime," he said.

Mathis hugged his wife and his lawyer before telling reporters outside of the Seminole County jail that he's ready to take his case to court.

"I am innocent and I will fight these charges to clear my name. Whatever it takes," he said.

While his lawyer told reporters they would not talk about the specifics of the case, he did say Mathis will be joining his own defense team now that he's out of jail.

Mathis said he was not mistreated while he was in custody, but maintains he should've gotten out a whole lot sooner.

"The fact that I was in jail for three days without seeing a judge until the third day was not appropriate," he said.

Law enforcement has called Mathis the mastermind of the operation and alleged he earned more than $6 million illegally working for more than 100 companies tied to Allied Veterans.

While Mathis said he was taken totally surprise by the charges, he's now prepared to fight back.

"They tried to break me, they can't break me. They won't break me," he said.