JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford said he is relieved that the years long investigation that went into Operation Reveal the Deal, an alleged illegal internet gambling operation, is over.

The investigation into Allied Veterans of the World's internet cafes went on for years and law enforcement said more than 500 police officers were involved and every one of them had to keep it quiet.

It was complicated by the fact that a lot of these officers were friends with some of the people being investigated. Among the arrested were Fraternal Order of Police President Nelson Cuba, FOP Vice President Robbie Frietas and Allied Veterans of the World head Jerry Bass.

Rutherford told members of the Tiger Bay Club on Friday that thisinvestigation was one of the most difficult times of his life -- toughknowing what he knew and where it was going.

"I've been dealing with Nelson, and Robbie, and Mr. Bass and others for years knowing this investigation was there, and knowing where it was going," he said.