Lil Wayne was shooting a music video for Nicki Minaj's new single, High School, in Los Angeles earlier this week when he suffered seizures, reports TMZ.

Hewas taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital late Tuesday night and releasedearly Wednesday morning. His reps have not responded to USA TODAY'srequests for comment.

It isn't the first time the rapper, 30, hashad seizures. He had two in October on separate airplane trips. InNovember, he told MTVthat doctors had put him on seizure medication and told him to drinkfour bottles of water a day. "I ain't drinking four water bottles, buteverything's good," he said at the time.

UPDATE 9 p.m. ET: There are conflicting reports about the state of Wayne's health. TMZ is reportingthat Wayne has been hospitalized again and is in critical condition.TMZ says Wayne's mother is en route to Los Angeles. Billboard is reportingthat Mack Maine, the president of Wayne's record company, Young Money,has tweeted "Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracusegame...thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon."

Update 9:41 p.m. ET: A tweet published on Lil Wayne's Twitter feed says: "I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love."