TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Moira Rossi of Jacksonville is on a mission to end the use of the R-word in Florida.

She is helping lead an effort to pass legislation at the state Capitol that would eliminate all references to "mental retardation" in state law.

Supporters of the bill say that term has become hurtful and it creates negative stereotypes about people with intellectual disabilities.

Moira, who has Down Syndrome, said the term makes her feel sad and bullied.

"Some people may feel bullied or dismayed in a way. We just want to show them that they have better ways of coping with the situation."

The campaign is led by The Arc of Florida, which advocates for people with intellectual disabilities.

Executive Director Deborah Linton said similar legislation has garnered support across the country.

"Thirty-nine other states have taken this step. I know Alaska this year has a bill on their governor's desk to be signed so it's time Florida got on board."

Moira said she hopes the bill helps people with intellectual disabilities get the respect they deserve and helps them to be seen for their abilities.