JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Their barks are more like cries for help.

They can't tell you the fate they're facing -- but signs on their cages can.

"It's absolutely our last choice to have to euthanize an animal," said Scott Trebatoski of Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services.

This weekend, about a dozen dogs at the city animal shelter will be put down if they're not adopted.

"The problem doesn't go away. It occurs every month," Trebatoski said.

The shelter says the problem is two-fold. Too many dogs taken from city streets are taking up space. But no one wants to take them home.

"I just think people don't think about it," Trebatoski said.

Some of these pups have been behind cages for three months.

The shelter says the last humane effort it has is to end what it calls their suffering.

"Truly it is an inhumane thing to keep an animal to keep an animal in a big shelter like this for years. You're doing a huge disservice to the animal," said Trebatoski.

Luckily on this day - Jamieka Wilkinson is taking one dog home -- "Harley."

"Harley's really cool. He's very protective. I've seen that already, but he's very loveable," said Wilkinson.

Freeing up space to potentially save another. But the shelter knows it's not enough to solve its overcrowding issue.

"We need to see twice the adopters, and then we should be in good shape," said Trebatoski.

"I just encourage more people to come out," said Wilkinson.