JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- King Hargrove is trying to make the best of a bad situation.

"I'm trying to find out who did it,"said Hargrove,"because it is costing me money."

Earlier this week someone dumped a truckload or more of mulch on his property.

"Idid not give anyone permission to dump all this mulch," he said.

Hargrove owns the lot at the corner of San Juan Avenue and Retaw Road. On the weekends he operates aBBQstand on the open area. He said he tries to keep the place clear and clean but that does not give anyone the rightto arbitrarily dump trash on his property.

"I try to keep it up then," he said, "when peopledostuff like thisI'm upset."

Hargrove can't prove it, but he is convinced it is a tree service trying to avoid landfill fees and he said he's afraid they will be back.

"I didn't ask for it," said Hargrove, "no sir."

Apparently, Hargrove is not the only one receiving theillegal dumping.Several blocks west on San Juan it happened again. The owners of the property at 5824said that theywere surprised to find two piles of mulch on their soon to be used car lot. Again they saidthey do not know who dumped the mulch.

Hargrove has decided to give the mulch on his propertyaway and what he can't give away he has hired workers to spread out in the driveway.

"I did not tell anyone to put this here," Hargrove repeated.

He said he has filed a complaint with the City of Jacksonvilleand plans totake steps to prevent it from happening again.

"I'm gonna lock it up now," said Hargrove," I will place a chain around it."

City spokesperson Monica Landeros said there is no active case in the incident.

She saidillegal dumping complaints, if it is truly illegal,are handled by the city's Solid Waste Division.

Nuisance complaints are handled by the Municipal Code Compliance Division.

According to Landeros, if it is verifiable illegal dumping it should be reported to solid waste and a JSO deputy will investigate; it is a crime.