JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The City of Jacksonville is hoping their new events app will help you find things to do Downtown.

The Jax-Happ app hit the Apple App Store Monday, however the city has planned to officially launch the app Thursday night at 5:30 p.m.

The app is free to download for iOS devices.

The home screen of Jax-Happs features a photo of the Jacksonville skyline, accented with fireworks.

When the app loads, four tabs will appear at the bottom of the Jax-Happ home screen. Those options are "Featured," "Events," "News" and "Connect." An "Info" icon also appears in the upper right hand corner.

Users need to click on one of the tabs to actually see events.

The "Featured" tab highlights three events and three "News" items, from the "Events" and "News" tabs.

The "Events" tab currently features 10 upcoming Downtown events. You can click on each event listed for more information which links to a map and ticket purchasing information if applicable. The map will open up in the app and only shows you the address and location of the event. You will need to take the extra step to find directions outside of the app. The ticket buying feature simply links you to the venue website within the app, which may or may not be formatted for a mobile device.

The "News" tab currently lists seven news items in order from most recent on top, to oldest at the bottom. You can click on each news item for more information. Just like the "Events" tab, any link you click on will open in the app and will take you to a site that may or may not be formatted for a mobile device.

The last tab is the "Connect" tab where you can read tweets, Facebook posts relating to Jacksonville events. You can also watch Jacksonville event videos on YouTube and troll Jacksonville event photos on Flickr. If you want to email City of Jacksonville events or find contact information for Jacksonville Special Events, you will find it in the "Connect" tab as well.

Tell us what you think of the city's new Jax-Happ app, will you use it? Will it help you spend more time downtown?