(WMAZ) -- A Jones County group is poised to embark on an ambitious project in the name of Christ and charity.Bugs 4 Christ, a 7-year-old mission that combines mentorship with carmechanics, will fix up a dilapidated 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle anddonate the proceeds to the Methodist Children's Home in Macon. "It's a parts car that someone donated to us, and they thought itcouldn't be restored," said Bugs 4 Life founder John Albrycht. He says they plan to restore the entire car in 7 days. It typically takes up to 100 days spread out over more than a year. "We want to attempt something so great that if God isn't in it, it'sgonna fail miserably, and that way we can give God credit when he doessomething miraculous." Albrycht says the car will be shown at various car shows this springto promote the mission. After that, he hopes to sell it for 5 to $8,000for the Children's Home. The project starts Thursday.