JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Cynthia asked us why several of her street's trash cans vanished.

She said over the years, 4 or 5 decorative trash cans for pedestrians vanished along Myrtle Avenue. She asked when they'll return and if trash pick-up will resume. Debbie Delgado, a spokesperson for the city said the issue is actually the can liners.

Delgado said those disappeared, but will be replaced in about 3 weeks.

Delgado said the trash bins came from a community grant almost a decade ago and because of that, any missing trash cans won't be replaced by the city.

Delgado added that garbage pick-up has not stopped in that area. It only appeared so because the missing liners allowed garbage to collect in the bottom of the trash cans that is difficult for sanitation workers to remove.