JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A St. Simons Island woman released from the hospital Tuesday calls a local server who helped save her life her hero.

Bobbie Davis, 62, was in Jacksonville to help care for her brother who recently had triple bypass surgery. While she was eating dinner outside at the Brick Restaurant on St. Johns Avenue in Avondale, she had a massive heart attack.

It turns out she was in the right place at the right time to have a heart attack, and now she is sharing her story with a heart full of gratitude.

"All we heard was a slam and then a glass shatter, and it was her falling from the table and hitting her head on the concrete and the glass and plate falling with her," said hostess Elena Federico.

Davis was unconscious and on the pavement. Landon Weeks, a part-time server at the restaurant, ran to her rescue. It just so happens the young father is also a paramedic and a volunteer for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

"All I could really tell is she was down and her heart wasn't beating," said Weeks.

As fate would have it, Weeks said his instructor from the Fire Academy, Lt. Sam Mays, an off-duty firefighter/EMT, was eating dinner just a few tables away and also ran to help.

"So I knew him and he knew I was a paramedic. I told him I had a pocket mask in my truck because she wasn't breathing and he told me to run and get it, so I ran to my truck which was right around the corner and got the pocket mask, and by the time I came back we started CPR on her so I started breathing for her," said Weeks.

"Before anyone could even tell what was going on, Landon was already outside. I managed to get myself to the host stand and dial 911. While I was doing that, Landon was dislodging whatever was in this lady's throat," said Federico. "I absolutely think he helped save her life."

After two weeks at St. Vincents Hospital and quintuple bypass surgery, Davis was given the green light to go home. She said Weeks is her truly her hero.

"I'm going to go back and meet him. I hear he's really cute. Haha. Just God bless him," said Davis. "It's really beyond my fathom. It just makes me believe in the good Lord. He's looking after us. You've got to be good."

Davis' son, Jason Smith, is grateful for everyone who ran to his mother's aide before paramedics arrived with an AED. Without those heroes, he said his mother likely would not be here today.

"Thank you. God bless you. I don't know what to say," said Smith. "It renews your faith. It's a beautiful thing. It's like it was meant to be."

A JFRD member wrote a letter to the owner of the Brick saying that without the quick action of the staff and aggressive CPR by Weeks, the patient would not have survived. He pointed out that it's estimatedabout 95 percent of victims of sudden cardiac arrest die before they reach the hospital.

First for you, here is a link to the Red Cross websitewhere you can sign up for CPR training.