MOUND, Minn. (KARE) -- The Mound-Westonka school board meeting was moved tothe high school auditorium Monday night in anticipation of a larger thannormal crowd.

Even that room wasn't enough to hold the parents and students thatwanted to both listen and talk about what happened at their school lastFriday.

But before anyone could say their peace, the District Superintendent spoke first issuing an apology.

"To the students, I apologize that under my watch, this issue has caused so much pain," said Kevin Borg.

Borg went on to apologize to parents and the community.

Several students were suspended Fridayaftervideotaping a "Harlem Shake" video during lunch. Six of those studentswere seniors on the hockey team. They contend they had permission andwent through all the proper channels. Their parents agreed and wantedanswers.

"I just have to ask you, I don't understand why this didn't occurFriday? You took away something very, very important from these boys.Something they've worked all their skating life for," said one mother.

"I ask why the rush to judgment? You know these kids," questioned a father.

Some parents wanted more than just answers. They wanted action.

"With the result of this investigation, anybody that was in thedecision chain that couldn't come to the common sense of at leastdelaying that decision until the investigation could be done should bedismissed immediately," said another angry dad.

Borg told the crowd he had placed the Activities Director onadministrative leave. It was news that drew cheers from the packedauditorium.

He also says the district will have an outside investigationconducted into the incident as well as a review of policies andprocedures in maintaining a safe learning environment.