LAKE CITY, Fla. -- Strong storms sweeping through the area caused little damage on the large scale, but in Columbia County, large trees have crushed parts of some homes.

Tornado warnings were in effect till 11 a.m., but it was earlier Tuesday morning one Columbia County resident received an unwelcome surprise.

"I saw this big ole', looked like, nothing but whiteness coming across the field right there," said the homeowner's neighbor.

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58-year-old Allan Crews said it sounded like a freight train. He was making breakfast around 8 a.m. and had to run into his room. A mesocyclone in the area, not a tornado, but a system with strong upward rotation came through tearing the root from his front yard tree completely out of the ground.

"I would have never thought about this tree coming down," said Betty Laxton, the homeowner's mother.

A big chunk of the home completely damaged, including the kitchen. Laxton said her son lives alone in this mobile home and has been through a lot this past year.

"Heart attacks, strokes, seizures," said Laxton.

Crews was not hurt, but the house suffered major damage just days after he remodeled it with new siding and new windows.

"We'll make the best of it. We can get him another place to live, we'll be alright," said Laxton.

Protect your home after the storm. Trees can still fall down one or two days after the storm since the ground is so saturated from heavy rain. Take precautions by cutting loose limbs and taking care of any trees that may be a problem on your property.