JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- We are now in the final countdown beforesequestration cuts could possibly go through. Not everyone is holding out hope for a deal. Already, local businessesare feeling the impact of budget cuts, and it is leading to layoffs.

CTI Resource Management Services is a defense contractor. They expect to lose a contract, which means a loss of jobs.

CTI offers a number of contract services to the military, including IT, logistics support and communications. The company has 180 employees throughout the world. One hundred here in Jacksonville. Of those in-town workers, about 30 expect to lose their jobs by the end of this week. Another nine people in other locations outside of Florida will be out of work by week's end.

CTI CEO Chris Imbach said, "It's all about sequestration and cutting costs." Imbach said many of his employees have been long-term, working here for an average of four to five years.

Bethany Godby has been on board just under a year. She recently learned she is probably going to be out of work.

"It's devastating. You expect that people are going fulfill their obligations, when you are on a contract, at least for the time of that contract, you have a job," she explained.

Godby, a Navy vet and a single mom of two young children, is trying to make sense of how Washington politics have hit so close to home.

"It's disheartening. I don't feel like the politicians are really concerned about the constituents that elected them and got them into those positions."

Imbach explained he has no choice, but to let some of his workers go. He's been hosting mini-career fairs at his office for those losing their jobs while he now figures out a way to try and keep offering jobs for his remaining 140 employees.

"Hard working, middle-class people, they're just trying to support their families and we're telling them they're going to be out of work Thursday," he said.

Jacksonville is CTI's headquarters. Imbach told us 60 percent of his employees are military veterans.