JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Security video from a Palm Coast Mobil station holds clues in the murder of clerk Zuheily Roman Rosado, 32, who was found shot Thursday night. The suspect is still on the loose.

Surveillancevideo gives no clear pictureofthe suspect, but the cameras always offer evidence that is of value, said a trained criminal investigator.

"He walked in left handed. That's what it looked like to me," said Bruce Herring, who is the director of criminal investigation training atthe Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida.

Herring, who is Air Force trained, said over the years, he has looked at hundreds ofsurveillance videos to find clues. He is still watching one that is 16 years old, an unsolved Nebraska convenience store murder.

In the Palm Coast case, Herring said the video doesn't allow the suspect to be identified.

Herring said other details are important to investigators, for example, what did the suspect touch when enteringand inside the store.

"In the age of touch DNA, trace DNA, you have possible clues. He has no gloves on, swab the door knobs you might get DNA," said Herring, who noted DNAis like a human finger print.

Cameras also give investigators other information beyond the actions of the suspectlike pictures of passing cars and license numbers.

Herring said this kind of information can lead investigators to people who may not have known something happened, but may know some details that will help solve cases.

It is still unclear yet whether anything of value was taken from the store.