BALDWIN, Fla. -- Two days of rain and the Swenson family's Baldwin home is not the same.

"Back in December, this tree fell on the house," said Virginia Sapp.

Sapp lives with her aging parents and said for months, they've been trying to get resolution to a roof problem.

"My mom and dad still have a mortgage on the house," said Sapp.

Sapp said when a tree limb crashed into the roof, it left two gaping holes and the recent rains are making it worse.

"My mom started crying," said Sapp, "when the roof caved in yesterday."

The family has several tarps covering the damaged area but it is not enough.Now, the ceilingsin both of their bedrooms have caved in.

"It is starting to leak in the windows," she said.

They're now using pots, pans, a toy chest,whatever is available to avoid water damage from the leaking roof to their carpet-covered floors.

A large branch from a nearby pine tree fell on the roof December 19, 2012.

An insurance adjuster estimated the repairs at $7,319.47.

January 24, 2013 their insurance company, Souther Fidelity,issued a check for repairs, but before the Swensons could hire a roofer todo the needed repairs, theywere instructed to endorse the check and send it to the lien holder.

"The mortgage company is not being responsive," said Sapp.

The mortgage company or lien holder is the USDA Rural Development agency. Sapp is worried by its slow response.

"It is gonna get mold in there now," said Sapp. "My parents both being sickly I am trying to do the best that I can.

The family is exhausted by the processand would like their home repaired so they can enjoy the use of it.

"I want to find out why it is taking so long," said Sapp, "and I want to get it completely fix."

On Your Side contacted the USDA Rural development Washington office. Spokesperson Weldon Freeman said he could not discuss the specifics; he even declined to described the process for such claims.

Freeman referred all questions to the Florida USDA Rural Development office in Gainesville. He said they're looking into it and will give the official response.

Like the Swenson family, we are waiting.