BRANTLEY COUNTY, Ga. -- School is cancelled Wednesday for kids in the Brantley County School District.

Officials are worried about families and buses being able to safely navigate through waterlogged roads.

Brantley County has 400 miles of dirt and clay roads, which easily become muddy and unstable after heavy rain.

Such is the case right now in much of the county after downpours early this week. Officials cancelled school on Tuesday as well.

Many of the roads are like quicksand with streams of water slicing through the clay and flowing into already saturated ditches.

"You have to watch for a lot of the ditches you see cut across the road. And just be very careful," said county resident Velvet Harris.

Harris lives on a muddy road, so she is used to driving on them.

But other drivers did not have such a smooth ride Tuesday. Many people got stuck and had to be towed to safety.

"It's been busy," said Randy Batten, the owner of Batten Automotive.

By early Tuesday, Batten had pulled one ambulance and three cars out of the mud.

"Went out and pulled an ambulance out this morning. Then got that out and headed back, and I saw a car in a dirt road stuck so I stopped and helped them. By the time I got him out, there was another one stuck and one more behind him," he said.

School buses are the one thing you will not find getting stuck.

They, like playgrounds and schools themselves, are locked up with no kids in sight.

The pitter-patter of rain is replacing the sound of students playing, at least for now.