LAKE CITY, Fla. -- Severe weather has left several homeowners with serious damage to their homes due to fallen trees.

Antorria Jackson has had a tree towering over her home her whole life, but she never thought it would cause her to lose her home.

"And I called her and she didn't answer, so I called her back again and she finally answered and I said 'Antorria, do you know there's a tree on your house?' and she was like 'huh?'" said Raneesha Williamson, Jackson's sister.

It was a tree this mobile home could not withstand -- breaking through the living room just 15 minutes after Jackson's 10-year-old twins and 14-year-old son had left for school.

"I was just worried about my kids. I was hoping that all of them was gone, and the fact of the matter is where the tree fell, that's where I slept at last night," said Jackson.

Jackson said a limb had fallen the day before during the heavy rain, but she never expected this. She was already at work in Macclenny when her sister called her about the tree.

"I had to drive 40 minutes in hysterics to get here, not knowing what to expect when I got here, and I got the worst when I got here," said Jackson.

She says the home had just been remodeled last year. The Red Cross is putting her and her children up in a hotel room for three days, but even though the damage is substantial, she's grateful everyone is okay.

"I thank God my children are alive and nobody was in there," said Jackson.