YULEE, Fla. -- The Nassau County Sheriff's Office said it is set to begin "Operation Dry Spring."

In tandem with other police agencies in the state of Florida, NCSO deputies will be going undercover to do business checks starting March 4th, according to a release from NCSO Sheriff Bill Leeper.

"Deputies with the NCSO will be conducting operations targeting businesses who sell alcohol, tobacco, and synthetic drugs to underage youth," Leeper explained in a press release. "This initiative sends a clear message that we are committed to the well being of our children -- our most precious resource"

Apress releasefor the NCSO says the department's narcotics deputiesconfiscated 334 packets of synthetic cannabinoids from area convenience stores.

According to the release, synthetic drugs known as 'K2', 'bath salts' or 'spice,' are schedule 1 controlled substances. The NCSO press release said the sale, manufacturing, delivery and possession with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver these drugs is a third-degree felony.

'Operation Dry Spring' runs until April 7, 2012.