JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The fallout from the blizzard is hitting here on the First Coast. If you or someone you know had a cancelled flight, it can be downright frustrating.

The snow is already beginning to fall in the Northeast as a blizzard approaches that region. Across the U.S. and Florida, passengers are stuck.

"We're trying to get to Harrisburg, PA," said Mike Murdy of Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

Murdy and his friends and co-workers are just a few of the thousands of passengers hampered by the weather. They spent the week in Jacksonville for work.

"It's been delay after delay after delay from since we got here. We've been here since 5 a.m.," he said.

From three to six inches in parts of Pennsylvania to at least four in New York City and up to three feet in Boston, the effects are felt in Florida. At least 74 flights have been cancelled in Orlando. In Tampa, at least 39 flights were cancelled. In Miami, at least 27 flights were cancelled.

"We're getting all really tired and we're probably going to have a drive ahead of us here," said Jime Hoban of Pennsylvania.

Chris Johnson is from Lewisburg, Penn. "I just want to get home to see my little boys and my wife. That's all," he said.

Until that can happen, they still hold out hope.

"As of now, yes, I think we'll get home, eventually," Hoban said.

They decided to go through security to give it one more try to get home.