ATLANTA (WXIA) -- As the gun control debate continues, the same twoarguments will continue to be heard. On the one side, guns are the onlyway to prevent future violence. On the other, a proliferation of gunscan only mean more violence.

But what does the research show?

"Both sides have theoretically sound arguments, but we just don'thave the data to support which side is valid," said Georgia State Criminology professor Dean Dabney.

"We pull what data we have available to analyze, but all theacademics would agree that they're not the best measures. We have to dobetter."

Dabney said most current studies being done on guns are funded bypro-gun or anti-gun groups. There's very little unbiased researchavailable. He said the best research ended when federal funding wasstopped. Now that President Obama signed an executive order allowing itagain, there is hope for new numbers.

"I can think of no other subject out there that costs us as muchmoney, as many lives and as much grief that we know less about," Dabneysaid.