PALATKA, Fla. -- Three people have been arrested in connection with a mobile meth lab found during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

Michael Pratzikos, 37, Donna Wilkinson, 33, and Michelle Green, 23, were charged with numerous violations,including the production of and trafficking in methamphetamine, according to a news release from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Pete Ruiz detained Pratzikos for a suspended drivers license during the traffic stop in the parking lot of Bank of America at 200 Highway 19 South in Palatka.

Two passengers in the car, Wilkinson and Green, became antsy and began to move around in the vehicle.

Wilkinson tried to discard contents of her purse into the empty seat next to her in an effort to conceal evidence, according to the release. Both Wilkinson and Green were removed from the vehicle while Ruiz conducted a search.

Ruiz found an active "one pot" meth lab containing approximately 173 grams of methamphetamine oil, which was located in the front passenger seat. He also found seven grams of finished methamphetamine. Thehazardous waste was disposed of members of the Clandestine Lab team.

Pratzikos bond was set at $32,024.00 and Green's was set at $30,516.00 for trafficking and manufacturing of methamphetamine with numerous other violations. Wilkinson's bond was set at $66,528.00 for numerous violations and outstanding warrants for burglary and theft, as well as the charges of trafficking and manufacturing of methamphetamine.