ATLANTA-- If a love potion existed, Luke Dunn would have the recipe. STK in Atlanta is a popular dating destination. From behind the bar, Dunn is on the frontlines of cell phone dating etiquette.

"It's rude. It's just plain rude," he says of what he sees. He tells stories of beautiful women being ignored to check Facebook, and dates that seems so busy sharing moments on social media, they're not fully enjoying them. "They'll come up to the bar, get a drink, and go to the lounge area, and then they're immediately on their cell phones. Everyone is so nervous to look up and interact."

Atlanta dating coach Renee Duren says even when you think you're getting away with it, the people you're with notice your behavior. "It can come across as insecure, nervous, or even self-centered," she said. Duren says being rude has always been a turn-off, but somehow obsessive cell phone behavior has snuck its way into our date nights.

She says it tells the person you're with; you're just not that into them. "You're saying, 'I'm checking in to see what's going to be on everywhere but here because I don't want to be here," Duren said. "The whole goal of a date (whether a first time or after years of marriage), is to connect. And it's hard to connect when you're staying connected to something else." She says if you don't Look Up, you'll never find what you're looking for in life.