JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's shaping up to be one of thewarmest Januaries on record, making trees and plants think it's spring even though it's the middle of winter.

Kirby Callaway, like many on the First Coast, is fed up with the unusually high amount of pollen in the air right now.

"I'm washing all the pollen off my car. I parked under a tree and now my silver car has turned yellow," said Callaway.

All the pollen she is washing off her car is also taking a toll on her.

"I have a constant runny nose and red eyes. It's really hard because I have contacts so my eyes are irritated," said Callaway.

Doctor offices like the Care Spot walk-in clinic in Jacksonville are staying busy. Nurse practitioner Jim Whited says there hasbeen so much pollen in the air that even people who don't usually have allergies are having problems.

"We are seeing a tremendous influx of allergy patients that range anywhere from a superficial allergic rhinitis to things that are actually progressing into full blown sinusitis infections."

While he says allergy sufferers can try over the counter medication he says be sure to follow the directions and see a doctor if your symptoms persist.

"Antihistamines are a good place to start but I'd be very careful if you are elderly or very young with Benadryl. A lot of people reach for Benadryl. It's a great antihistamine however in the elderly there can be some consequences. They could present with dementia. It has a very long half life so I'd steer away from that one but if you go with Zyrtrec or Claritin you should be okay," said Whited.