FOLKSTON, Ga. -- Parents withchildren at Charlton County High School received lettersWednesday informing themthatthe school'smath teacher Danita Wilson was arrested for allegedly having sex with seven students.

"She was a good math teacher, she helped us when we needed help, overall she was a good person and when I heard what happened I was kind of shocked. I kind of knew what was going on, but it was never my place to say anything," said Jayvelle Monroe, a former student of Charlton County High School.

Monroe graduated from the school last yearand says he was a student in 32-year-old Wilson's math class in 9th and 12th grade. But it wasn't until his senior year when he started hearing rumors about his teacher and alleged inappropriate relationships with several students.

"I just heard she was messing with a few students and that's basically all the rumors I heard. They weren't really saying who. I kind of had a clue of who, but after everything I heard, all the names and I was kind of shocked of how many people they said it was and how long it was going on," said Monroe.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Wilson is charged with seven counts of alleged sexual assault on a child and say at least seven different students were involved.

They say Wilson turned herself in Tuesday afternoon after the school board received a tip, passed it on to the Charlton County Sheriff's office, which then asked the GBI to launch an investigation.

"I just said, oh my goodness, sex and crime is everywhere and it's sad when you can't send your children to school to learn and without having molestation, or they call it statutory rape, in the school house," said Cheryl Gordon, who has two grandchildren that attend Charlton County High School.