JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Tax forms can be very confusing and sometimes frustrating.

Oftentimes...we just want someone to do it for us. But, you need to be careful who you choose to fill those forms out and send them to Uncle Sam.

Like many Floridians, Antwon Blair hasn't yet filed his taxes.

"Waiting on some W2's to come in," he explained.

Robin Flowers and Linda Robinson have both filed their taxes.

"I got a nice return," Flowers said. "It wasn't what I expected, but it'll do."'

On this official start to the tax season, Blair was searching for tax prep help

"Really , I just look for a place like this, you know?" He asked as he sat inside the Liberty Tax Service's Arlington Road location. "...Make sure the IRS don't come back in (laugh) and get me"

What do you look out for in searching for tax help?

When it comes to filling out all those forms for tax preparation, there is advice that could help you. Internal Revenue Service spokesperson, Michael Dobzinski, said check the preparer's qualifications. Find out if they're with an affiliated group like a Certified Public Accountant or an attorney.

"I'll definitely read every fine print," Flowers explained. "I'm gonna check her credentials or whoever that's doing my taxes. Their credentials, their background."

Dobzinski added: don't pay anything up front based on your refund amount.

"Yes, I do think it could save me money," Blair said.

Also, make sure you'll be able to contact the preparer of your choice after April 15th. Dobzinski said it's best if you don't sign a blank return.

"Right now, I'm thinking 'Be careful what I sign and make sure I pay close attention to all the forms and everything like that," Blair said.

That is because Dobzinski said you are ultimately responsible for what's on that return. Dobzinski added that you should also ask how much the preparer will charge you along with asking if they offer electronic filing.