JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Nicole Lockwood-Smith knows what it's like to have a computer failure.

"It does show you that you have errors, you have warnings," she said, scrolling through her computer. "I had a computer crash before so I was going to listen to what he said"

On Thursday, she received a call from someone who claims he was with Microsoft and he told her her computer was having problems again.

"It is is worse than a virus and they need to check it out," she said.

Smith says she was instructed to go a website that looks like a Microsoft site and told to click on the "A." Smith said the caller was persistent.

"'Click run, you click run yet,'" she said. "I said no."

Smith said she was reluctant. Could this be a phishing scam? Will Microsoft actually call computer owners about a potential problem?

"I refused to download the application," she said. "'You didn't?' No, I didn't."

Smith said she decided to search for more information and discovered it was a ruse.

"It is a scam, it is a scam," she said.

We checked the phone numbers. One belongs to a cell phone from New York, the other is a VOIP number from Salt Lake City Utah.

"They're trying to get me to download this to my computer and then they have access to everything in my computer."

Smith said the call from the phony Microsoft technician simply reinforced something she already knew.

"Do not, do not, hang up on them, do not open any application you are unaware of, what it is where it comes, even though the original website said Microsoft."