JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--If you want to see if you have unclaimed money owed to you, continue reading.

Hendra, of Jacksonville, sent us copies of documents she received claiming the state had $150 waiting for her daughter. She also received a letter from Estate Trust Asset Recovery that stated for a $30 fee they could recover the unclaimed money for her.

Hendra thought something wasn't right and emailed us.

Solution: We called the state and found the letter Hendra received is legitimate. It turns out that Asset Recovery is a locator service that the state uses to get unclaimed money back to people.

However, you do not have to use their services. Instead, you can file with the state directly. You can find out if you have money waiting by going to the State of Florida's unclaimed property website.

You can also call (888) 258-2253 from inside Florida. From outside of Florida, call (850) 413-5555.