(USA TODAY) -- It's been a day and a half since the Baltimore Ravens beat the New EnglandPatriots to advance to Super Bowl XLVII, but several Ravens players still seemmore focused on the Patriots and their fans than on the San Francisco 49ers.

Baltimore's collective disdain for New England was evident priorto the matchup and immediatelyafterward. On Monday, safety Bernard Pollard calledfor Tom Brady to be fined for a slide in Sunday's AFC title game because thePatriots quarterback appeared to kick at approaching defenders.

Now wide receiver Torrey Smith apparently is saying some Patriots fans usedtheir team's loss as a reason to disparage Smith and his younger brother Tevin,who was killed in a motorcycle accident in September.

Via @TorreySmith:

Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never receivedas many rude tweets after a win than Sunday...yet NE fans cry aboutclass

The vitriol between the players, fan bases and evenplayers' wives has been more brutal than any playoff rivalry in recentmemory. And as heartless and inappropriate as some of the barbs directed atSmith likely were, it doesn't make any sense at this point for the Ravens andtheir players to devote any more attention to New England until the Patriotscome to visit M&T Bank Stadium during the 2013 season.

After the San Francisco 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, all theteam's players seemed to immediately focus their attention on the Super Bowl, asopposed to Atlanta. And it's understandable that the Ravens' win was morepersonal, with the team looking to avenge last year's AFC Championship Game lossand strike down whatever remained of the so-called Patriots dynasty, but thewindow to dwell on the conference win and its aftershocks should probably beclosed by now.

There's still plenty of time for the Ravens to get focused on the 49ers.It'll just be a lot easier when they stop thinking about the Patriots.