(NBC News) --In her first interview since the scandalthat led to the resignation of former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, Floridasocialite Jill Kelley says that his biographer, Paula Broadwell, tried toblackmail her.

"There was blackmail, extortion, threats,"Kelleytold The Daily Beastof the"fewer than 10" anonymous emails sent to Kelley in May, which investigatorslater determined were sent by Broadwell.

Kelley, 37, said the messages becameincreasingly more threatening, though they did not explicitly tell her to stayaway from Petraeus, as had previously been believed.

Kelley said she had no idea at the timewho was behind the messages.

"I never met Paula in my life," Kelleysaid, adding that she didn't even know that Broadwell had written a biographyabout Petraeus.

Kelley and her husband, who is a surgeon,are close friends of the Petraeus family. She was a volunteer social liaison tothe MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., where she often hosted parties fortop brass.

"I knew I was being stalked," Kelley said."I did what anybody else would have done when they were feeling threatened, togo seek protection from somebody I could trust."

Kelley's complaint to the FBI led to aninvestigation, which began in June 2012 and revealed that Broadwell had sent theemails. Investigators also uncovered evidence of Broadwell's affair withPetraeus, which ended in July 2012. Petraeus resigned his post on Nov. 7.

Soon after, federal officers beganinvestigating U.S. General John Allen, commander of the International SecurityAssistance Force in Afghanistan and nominated to be NATO's supreme alliedcommander, after it was revealed that he had exchanged numerous emails withKelley, some of which were described as "inappropriate."

Kelley told The Daily Beast that she wascelebrating her daughter's seventh birthday when the media descended on her,after her identity as the tipster who led to Petraeus' downfall becamepublic.

"It was devastating," Kelley said. "Tohave your privacy invaded is truly-there are no words to describe it. Instead ofenjoying a family birthday party, I had paparazzi storming my front lawn,pushing down the door. There are no words to describe the panic and fear at thatmoment."

Kelley declined last month to presscharges against Broadwell over the emails and federal prosecutors closed thecase.

But Kelley said her image continued tosuffer through half-truths and lies reported in the media.

"As much as I appreciate that they want tobe the first one to come out with a headline, regardless of whether they did anyfact-checking, they have to consider the impact they have on our life and ourchildren's lives," she said. "Just because it's repeateddoesn'tmake it true.It was living a nightmare."