Your Wednesday morning health roundup:

Drinking and sleep: Drinking alcohol may help you fall asleep faster,but is likely to disrupt your sleep later in the night and leave you lessrested, a new review of 27 studies confirms. Alcohol also can contribute tosleep apnea, a disruption in breathing during sleep. The negative effects arestrongest in people who drink the most, researchers say. (WebMD)

Hip failures: An all-metal replacement hip made by Johnson &Johnson was predicted to fail in nearly 40% of patients within five years in aninternal analysis the company conducted in 2011, a year after the device wasrecalled. The report was made public in court documents. Thousands of patientsstill have the Articular Surface Replacement, or A.S.R., implants. (NewYork Times)

Melamine concerns: Want some melamine with your soup? You may begetting some. A new study found heightened levels of the compound in the urineof volunteers who ate hot soup from melamine bowls. Whether it's enough to posea health concern is unknown. (Time)

Today's talker: Close couples do many things together -- including,apparently, gaining weight. Researchers who followed 169 newlywed couplesthrough the first four years of marriage found that those who were mostsatisfied with each other gained the most weight. It's possible that unsatisfiedspouses keep an eye on their weight to prepare to reenter the mating game. Butit's also possible that happy pairs do things that tend to increase weight, suchas eating out or eating together more often. (HealthDay)