JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- City Council flat out dismissed a bill that would have silenced concerts at MetroPark.

"This is stupid, we are not going to pass this bill, so let's just vote it down right now," said Council Member DeniseLee.

And that's exactly what they did.

Speakers railed against the bill for an hour, before the council put it out to pasture.

The bill would have ended ticketed events at MetroPark, which is the largest outdoor concert venue in Jacksonville.

The bill was proposed after people living nearby complained about the noise from some of the concerts.

Band promoters and business owners told the council downtown Jacksonville would lose millions in revenue if they shut the park down.

Concert promoter Dan Wimmer lives in Los Angles now, but is from Jacksonville, and says he's committed to keeping the music scene on the first coast alive.

"I'm going to work with the councilman to see how we can reduce the noise but keep the great concerts coming here," he said.

City Council formed a committee to study the park and figure out how they might be able to eliminate some of the noise concerns for residents without closing it to concerts completely.