JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Parents concerned about what happened at Sandy Hook elementary are willing to spend their own money to make their child's school more secure.

"Parents are in an uproar about school safety," said Attorney Rod Sullivan,"if they're willing to donate for school safety it is no different than if they wanted to come forward and donate for arts."

Parents like Arielle Moultrie question the concept ofparents hiring off duty cops to protect their kids in elementary school.

"I don't think anyone should do it," said Moultrie.

Moultrie is an elementary school parent and understands the concerns.

"Every parent approaches life differently;it is in all how you perceive security," she said.

However,she strongly believesthe idea gives a false sense of security.

"It is impossible to prevent someone from doing what their going to do," said Moultrie,"regardless of the level of security."

Former Duval County School Board member Tommy Hazouri feels school districts embracing the concept need to look at accountability.

"They (school districts)need to be the ones who provide the policy and supervision for that individual," said Hazouri.

As for liability, law professor Rod Sullivan said it falls on the school district.

It is like any other employee," said Sullivan, "if the officer does something that is negligent, the school system can responsible for the actions committed in the scope of the employment."

Sullivan said the school board's insurance would also cover an off duty officer.

Is this the start of a trend? Sullivan doesn't believe it is.

"This is a temporary response to Sandy Hook," he said," once people are less concerned I thinkit will be less likely that people will pay their own money."

Jill Johnson with the Duval County School Board said they have sworn officers in the middle and high schools and they also visit the elementary schools.

"We could certainly considerpartnerships," said Johnson.