WASHINGTON -- The fight to stop gun violence has taken the parents of a slain Jacksonville teen to the nation's capital.

Jordan Davis' parents say they will do whatever they can to prevent gun violence and help keep another family from having to go through the nightmare they have been through. Their focus they say is not taking away guns but reforming gun laws and making them stricter.

Davis, a Wolfson High School student, died after being shot at least twice. His death had an instant ripple effect. His mother was left childless. His father was left to bury his 17-year-old son. Three teens were left with the horrifying images of seeing Jordan shot in the car where they sat following an argument outside a Southside gas station. Michael Dunn, a father himself, wassent to jail and isnow awaiting trial on murder charges.

All ofthathappened as the result ofone night, November 23, Black Friday. Jordan and three friends wereallegedly accosted for playing loud music at a Gate gas station.

Ron Davis, Jordan's father said, "He was America's child too, not just Florida's, not just Jacksonville's, but America's child. When you look at your child, your 17-year-old running around playing their loud music, running around with his buddies, he's your child. He's your nephew. He's your niece."

Ron Davis and Jordan's mother, Lucy McBath, have gotten the attention of lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi. They spent Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill in a Congressional hearing on preventing gun violence.

They hope by putting a face on gun violence and sharing Jordan's story, legislators will be moved to take action and help prevent future tragedies all across the nation.

"When we get back we will have to change Florida laws. We have Mayor Alvin Brown who I spoke to a few days ago, and he's going to take timewith me and to help memeet some other leaders...and so we are going to step it up in Florida now that we have exposure from being at this briefing. We are definitely going to step it up," said Davis.

Jordan's father plans to focus his time in Florida working to change the laws here, while Jordan's mother plans to focus her efforts in Washington, D.C. working with the Brady Campaign on federal gun control laws.

Meanwhile, the man charged with Jordan's murder, Michael Dunn has pleaded not guilty. His pre-trial hearing is scheduled for February 6, 2013.

Photo courtesy of Davis family attorney John Phillips.