JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- President Obamais expected to unveil 19 Executive Orders on gun control Wednesday, which could include stricter enforcement, shared databases of gun ownership, and harsher punishments.

Gun control advocates are excited to hear what changes will be made, but some gun owners worry they'll go too far.

Former New York State Police Officer Tom Verri takes gun safety seriously in his Fernandina Beach home.

And for responsible gun owners, he says the sweeping gun reform legislation passed in New York, and planned throughout the United States goes too far.

"I think sometimes they have such a hatred for firearms, they can't make an objective decision on things," said Verri.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo beat Washington, D.C. to the punch, outlining gun control as his top priority.

"If the laws are on the books already, and we're not going to enforce them, I don't think more laws would do any good," said Verri.

The issue has dominated the national discussion in the month since the tragic Sandy Hook shootings, with everyone in agreement that something has to change.

Gun control advocates are applauding legislators for taking the next step, but Verri says not so fast.

"I understand the need to do something quickly, but I don't think we should sacrifice the facts, we should take this in stride," he said.

He does think something needs to change, but he won't say if what President Obama is suggesting is the right thing to do.

"Until I hear what he has to say, I can't make any real objective evaluation of it," he said.

The President is scheduled to speak Wednesday at 11:45am.