It's official: Broadway's favorite nanny will soon be flying off.

OnTuesday, Disney Theatrical Productions and Cameron Mackintosh announcedthat the hit musical will end its six-year-plus run on March 3. TheDisney stage adaptation, which first premiered in London, has beenattended by nearly 4 million New York theatergoers to date, and launcheda national tour that runs through June of this year. And licensing forprofessional domestic productions will begin this year.

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But the New Amsterdam Theatre, Poppins' Broadway home, shouldn't be empty for long. A new production of another Disney property, Aladdin, is expected to arrive in the spring of 2014. An early version of Aladdin,based on the 1992 film, was introduced in Seattle in the summer of2011, but it's expected that the Broadway model will be substantiallyrevamped.