WOODBINE, Ga. -- 12 dogs have been removed from a Georgia home in a suspected dog fighting ring.

Camden County Sheriff's Deputies went to the home of Domonique Hargrave, 32, in the 12000 block of Highway 17 Tuesday afternoon.

An alleged meth lab was shut down at the same residence just seven days ago on New Years Day.

A total of 12 dogs were removed from the home. A number of them were emaciated and some were scarred.

A suspected fighting pit and other equipment used in alleged criminal activity was also found.

Hargrave was not arrested nor charged with a crime, but the investigationcontinues.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Kinglsand Police, and Camden County Animal Control assisted in the raid.

The dogs were taken to the Atlanta Humane Society due to space constraints at the Camden County Humane Society.