JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Ice cream trucks work neighborhoods, filling the hungers of children, but who is behind thewheel andtheir background has a local city councilman pushing for change.

Don Redman wants traffic and criminal background checks to be a requirement. Currently he says only a peddler's license is required to sell ice cream in neighborhoods.

"We don't want sexual predators driving an ice cream truck around playing music with a trail of kids following them down the road," said Redman, who was surprised the city did not have higher standards.

Fernando Sola operates Happy Faces U.S. with his trucks primarily operating at the Beaches.

He personallydoes background checks of his drivers to give parents piece of mind.

"That is the most important thing that parents can rely on the person that is in contact with theirkids has a clean background," said Sola who has been in the business two years.

The City Council first will have to hold hearings on the changes. Redman would like to see tough standards in place by spring.