SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Comedian Katt Williams could be facing even moretrouble. He was supposed to be in a Sacramento courtroom Mondayafternoon but didn't show, and that has the attention of lawenforcement.

With so much strange behavior in recent weeks, it should not havecome as a surprise to many that Katt Williams was a no show in court,but his failure to appear could have serious consequences.

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When it came time to answer for charges that he lead police officerson a chase through downtown Sacramento riding a three-wheeledmotorcycle, Williams was nowhere to be found. Officers said Williamsrefused to stop, ran red lights, and almost hit five pedestrians back inNovember.

When Williams failed to appear in court, the judge immediately issueda bench warrant for the comedian's arrest, leaving courtroom observerslike public defender Melissa McElheney to speculate as to anexplanation.

"His attorney may be able to come to court, if there was extenuatingcircumstances that he's not here, maybe he was ill or they misunderstoodthe court date, I'm not sure, and they may be able to come in andcorrect the situation," McElheney said.

This isn't the first time Williams has missed a court date. InDecember, an attorney for Williams claimed his client misunderstood anorder to appear in a Seattle court. Williams is scheduled to appear nextat a Yolo County court for a fight with an employee at a Target store.He's accused of hitting that employee in an altercation caught oncamera.

The assistant district attorney in the Sacramento case said Williamscan now either turn himself in to authorities or risk being arrested athis next public appearance.