Now that President Obama has filled big jobs at the Pentagon and theCIA, he turns his attention to another major appointment: TreasurySecretary.

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew is considered the favorite to replace Timothy Geithner, who plans to leave Treasury later this month.

We may hear something later this week.

TheTreasury Secretary is an important -- and difficult -- job as Obama andcongressional Republicans debate what to do about deficit reduction,the debt ceiling, and a new plan to fund the government in the monthsahead.

Lew, 57, a veteran government official, has seen his share of budget battles over the years.

Threedecades ago, as an aide House Speaker Tip O'Neill, D-Mass., Lew helpedworked on a major Social Security agreement with President RonaldReagan's White House.

Lew later served as budget director forPresident Bill Clinton, who clashed repeatedly over the budget with aRepublican House led by Newt Gingrich.