JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --The Principal of Windy Hill Elementary School was demoted to the Vice Principal pay scale at Monday night'sSchool Board Meeting,and transfered out of Windy Hill to another school in the district.

The State Board of Education investigated the case, but the Duval County School Board saysby statute they cannot release the details of the investigation for another week.

Sharon Sanders has been principal at Windy Hill Elementary School for the past 5 years.

Last year, during the FCAT, she was accused of misconduct while students in her school took the test.

Her lawyer said she had never been given the opportunity to respond to the allegations, and the school board voted unanimously to demote her to Vice Principal, and transfer her to another school.

Sanders never spoke during the hearing, but she teared up a number of times as almost 20 parents and community members spoke to her good character and asked the board to reconsider.

There was no discussion before the school board voted to demote her, but here's what her attorney says are the charges against her:

-The test was not properly monitored
-There was incorrect spacing between students taking the test
-Students were facing each other
-Visual Aids in the room were not covered
-Seating Charts were not properly maintained
-No Make-Up exams were offered
-Proctors not properly trained

Her attorney tellsFirst Coast Newsthey are considering an appeal at this point, but Sanders will continue to work for the school district.

Again, the district cannot yet comment on this case, but told me they will have a news conference next Monday to flesh out what they know about the case.