MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Susann Kiefer is hoping this year her family gets a loan modification on their three bedroom home that has been in foreclosure limbo for nearly four years.

On Monday, ten major banks and mortgage companies agreed to an $8.5 billion dollar settlementwith federal regulators on the way they handled foreclosures on countless families.

Some homeowners who should have been allowedto stay in their homes could receive a few hundred dollarswith $125,000 being the high end depending on the mortgage error.

Kiefer says her battle to get a loan modification with Bank of America is going nowhere.

"We are raising two boys in this home. I would just like to know an answer one way oranother. Help us or do something," said Keifer, who documents every conversation and piece of paperwork dealing with her ordeal.

Kiefersays the last conversation she hadwith the bank was last October with no signal a loan modification is in the cards.

She says the family stopped making mortgage payments in September of 2011 after their payments kept being returned.

The latest bank settlement with the federal governmentwhich includes repayments to eligible homeowners who were foreclosed on could begin as early as thisspring.